wai mao hai guan shu ju cha xun

TCL 75c728 is a

sub-flagship Qled product for the Southeast Asian and European markets. It is

different from the previous North American version of ROKU TV.

It is pre-installed with the latest Android TV11

. As a user, I will

leave the technical parameters and

return to the daily experience to

take a look at this TV. In the end, how the

panel is not accidental? It comes from its own Huaxing Optoelectronics

120 Hz refresh 8 shake 10

2021 HDMI2.1

and related variable refresh, allm Earc, etc.

There are many

display features. Supporting Dolby World

is just a typical brightness. The value is not high (the brightness will be lower in dv iq mode),

like Dolby Atmos, dynamic compensation, etc., the

direct backlight and the use of micro dimming algorithm are also used.

After all, the backlight driver is playing with the software algorithm.

As for the IPaq engine Just listen.

Later, we will do the actual verification of the

speakers. Onkyo endorsed,

but the 20-watt physical stereo

channel structure is panoramic sound,

which is virtual. It is not bad to listen to the

sound pressure. It is just the low frequency and the North American version

of q825. The gap is still not small.

I think more about power and transparency.

Fortunately, Dolby and DTS certifications

are available and audio output is provided. It is very good. The

smart hardware platform chooses TCL’s

customized mtk SOC. The

performance is between s905X3 and s922x.

3G memory plus 32g The smoothness of flash memory

interaction is generally


with Android.

Of course, you can only consider the US version of the

TV. The Ethernet is 100M,

so the wireless performance is the key

. It is the lack of WiFi6 in many new indicators.

In the actual data, it is not difficult to

come with two remote controls,

a dual-mode pocket remote control with Bluetooth infrared, and an infrared remote control with

an extended full-broadcast control key position.

I don’t like the distribution and gap of the two keys by the

way. Take a look at the area comparison with 65 inches

and the process difference of the back panel frame.

In short, the higher-positioned 825

is obviously better in workmanship

because the Android TV plus TCL UI

makes the setting logic of the TV system relatively simple, and

it feels easier to use than Sony’s.

For example, for

the audio and picture custom settings for each source and program,

you can quickly call out the settings layer for adjustment

instead of just throwing you a set of global settings. The

local adjustment is clear and you can quickly

locate what you want next. The operation part

includes some small details

such as the beep for focus response, etc.

Adaptive hdr mapping processing is not missing. The

USB flash drive is directly installed with a variety of applications,

including kittens, start cloud games,

and 52 外贸 邦 (https://fobamz.evlla.com) live streaming or gray applications.

Normal operation,

but the system has the problem of occasional restart. The

latest version of android r has a long way to go. The

media center is a bit more than I expected.

Although it cannot support NFS and upnp,

it can also use PC CIFS to

achieve shared playback.

It’s not the

key point, but it can play local

single-layer Dolby World files

. It

is relatively rare in the system or third-party players to

support most audio decoding and video decoding,


the multi-screen interaction that comes with av1, which

satisfies the mirroring and DLNA of Android phones,

and presents the picture-in-picture arrangement to

achieve adaptive window distribution.

I am still the first

It’s a pity that iOS airplay is absent

because ATV’s self-built chromecast ca

n’t affect the screencast of streaming media except for Apple’s mirroring.

Others including off-screen listening are also ancestral functions. I

won’t go into details

because of l1 authentication plus HDCP and

native Android. Many TVs have

gotten Netflix’s esn authorization. It is expected

that it is not difficult to light up the dual Dolby,

and the extended remote control and the info button

4k dual Dolby have pictures and the truth

, not to mention the

4k HDR properly. Yes, the problem of

TCL foreign trade machine being stupid and overexposed before hdr10 in the upper left corner is brightened

. The problem has been improved. The

control is not good. The peak white brightness

is also a happy trouble.

Because the brightness is not high,

the movie and hdr modes are

less past. The excitement

looks pretty «eye-catching». The

domestic streaming media’s top-level picture quality is not disabled.

Tencent can activate Dolby Audiovisual to light up the logo

and it is not a simple increase in brightness.

You can find that there is a mapped conversion of

kiwifruit 4k max. HDR

also perfectly supports

live broadcast. Although I chose the movie mode,

the skin tone is still relatively natural

and there is no excessive greasy feeling.

Finally, through the demo to understand the display effect,

play a low-frame motion video to

see the performance of dynamic compensation.

Turn on the led motion. Clear

will turn off the backlight to

avoid the blur and blur caused by the response time of the panel,

but I have to say that it is really better than my q825. The

micro dimming does have two brushes. For

example, we are scrolling the map and this

low-frame low-scoring football clip.

I did not feel uncomfortable picture tearing and ghosting.

Play local dimming, test partition light control

and black level contrast and

details. Let’s mention temperature and reading and writing

. The figures

are true after a week of use of the main machine.

There is no shortcoming bucket machine.

As for the original color display and color accuracy,

sometimes the parameters are excellent

, and the difference in perception may not be at a glance.

Although the red performance is too strong,

the blue and green have no obvious hair color. The abnormal

brightness and even the miniled

may not be realized. The performance is slightly better.

After all, a 75-inch mid-range machine

does not need to set a threshold for your mood.

Disadvantages are not matched at this price. Let’s not say

. The overall process quality of shaking and shaking is

still some distance away from the flagship machine. The

sound is thin, so don’t open the big

sound quality. First of all, avoid distortion.

Of course, the price is definitely on the one hand

. It is

the individual difference of the batches of foreign trade machines.

If you are pursuing perfection,

then it is recommended to choose the official channel of the national bank model.

Today’s experience will be reached. Here

I’m the owner of the house, aka Niu Nan,

welcome to watch, see you next time

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