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The 3-win-4-negative Detroit Lion is still not able to perform in the National District partition, and the four-point guards — Stafford faces the steelman last week, which is the 8th single field of his career. The pass number of passed is more than 400 yards; in the three controvers in the two teams, Stafford has passed the 952 yards, 7 times the group and 2 times of copy, although the personal achievements are excellent, but the team cannot be Benefit. Safety Wei Luohem — Quiin has been facing the steel man last week to complete the copy of the CD, and the National District Partition is taken. Since 2014, the top security guards have completed all the 16th CD, cheap Nfl jerseys from china and all the seats of all the affiliates were held. If the lion wants to take advantage of the packaging worker, he will lose its life, in addition to the offensive end continues to maintain a high threat, the defensive end can do an overwhelming limit is the winning spoon.

After losing the ace, the foreigners of the package worker were not optimistic, but the team in the country has not taken the team, currently as «the general of the elf» still has The psychological advantages of defeating the enemy of the same partition. Although the replacement four points Webit — Hendell’s performance is bad, the rookie runs to Alon — Jones outbreaks, at least let the packwork seem to be so embarrassing in the attack, the 7th week Jones ran out of the new high-tech new high 131 The code and 1 shinkle reachable, his existence did help the packageman in the offensive end. Is it a lot of Rogers everywhere?

NFL history, Passing and Receiving tens of thousands, but known as the & quot; THE CATCH & quot; catch only this moment. In the ensuing 49ers Super Bowl to 26-21 victory over the Cincinnati Bangladesh tiger, the dynasty was born. 80s 49 degrees 4 to clinch the Super Bowl, while laying the best quarterback in the history of the qualifications Joe Montana; and the Dallas Cowboys took the downhill, after half of the 1980s never entered into the playoffs, until Aikman rise / Smith / Irvin trio before allowing them to revive the glory in the 1990s. Also, who knows, this is not a classic game in the same year Tom Brady in the hearts of the audience 4-year-old planted the seeds for the future with his idol Montana, shoulder to shoulder its ultimate success in NFL hall it?

Holding three suspended, 49 people know that they have enough time to organize the attack, and therefore not eager to try a long pass, but continued to insist on running transfer case in conjunction with the West to attack, a short distance for 5 yards 8 yards 10 yards in advance picked up the pace Cowboys came the red zone again, there is no need to attack the whole wave file 4 storm. 58 seconds left in the game, the 49ers after running back rushed the ball six yards called a second pause, facing three stalls three yards 6 yards in the Cowboys line. They know, though, when just the beginning of this wave of attack they have a lot of time and take advantage of opportunities to play, and indeed a success, but now the situation has become vital: Because basically impossible to get the ball again, if the first 3 stalls attack fails, then the team will have to bear all the pressure of winning the fourth gear.

Wild horse plan three people focus on Gorlonkovski

New England Patriots’ close-end, Rob Gronkowski, is one of the most difficult players in the alliance, and Denver’s wild horse clearly needs to control his score.

[Average predecessor] 9th week night match lion @ 包装

The 9th week of the regular season will be held in the most prestigious National Lianbei District, the Detroit Lion will be a guest Green Bay Lanbao Stadium challenge the package. At present, the two teams’ total handcuffs record packages with 98 wins and 68 losses 3 flat The overwhelming advantage is achieved, and Www.quebechot.Com the packaging workers maintain 3 consecutive victories of the lions, but this time the package is laccked the main four-point Wei Alon Rogers. Can they still defend the host’s dignity?

In the nearly 200 yards of the punch code, there is no more important than the three-speed 7-yard breakthrough to the three-speed 7 yard breakthrough to the two-speed 7 yards in the game. This actually helped lightning over the competition, and they increase the record to 4 wins and 5 losses.

NFL the past 50 years the classic battle: gold ball

I believe inkling of the history of NFL fans, especially also has dabbled in photography friends on the above picture will not feel strange. In this classic photograph of the ball, the instantaneous position and attitude of the character coincides with the golden spiral of a whole, and it is the symbol NFL record of the League of Nations regime change, open Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers ruling «golden ball» moment.

Tigers are clearly replaced by the Line guards, and they let Karlos Dansby leave the team and sign Kevin Minter at a $ 1,4.25 million contract. They will carefully consider picking wire baths in the election and may make such choices in the high position.

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