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Spagovolo has now received a 2nd super bowl of champion, and he has served as a coach in St. Louis Roos and served as a temporary coach of New York Giants. After helping the Chief Defense Group made progress, he may start again.

«Finally, I know this: I know you need to rely on four-point guard,» Lu said. «I know that Kam won a lot of balls, so I expected to work with him, but at the same time, I would have a general manager with the boss. I really understand all the four-point guard in the locker room & mdash; & mdash; he, Kyle Kyle Allen also has Will Grier. «

Newton has become a topic of attention in the future of the black panther. The former regular game MVP was only played in 2 games this season, Wakaround.Com and the first two years were injured by shoulder injuries. In the case of Newton entered the last year of the contract, many people guess the black panther may give up him.

Spagovolo has only achieved 10 wins and 38 losses in the ram of 3 years, except for the first year and last year, in the first year and 2 victories in the first year and the last year. The current question is whether other teams will give him a chance to become a coach, or think that he is just an excellent defensive coordinator.

Entering Section IV, the Viking team uses this opportunity, from Kay-Buddhism 33 yards, Viking 9: 7 Cowboy. The score-behind denim begins, and Dick Prescot is found to take the outside Terence Williams to advance 18 yards, enter the Minnesota half a field. Four files 24 yards, denim abandoned, Adam Timlan turned down, and the denim got the ball on 8 yards. Dack passed the Pall Liandez — Bryant, 8 yards score, cowboy 14: 9 V. The Viking offensive group continued his mute, Sam Bradford was killed, they had to discard kick on the 21-yard line.

After the Dallas Dieba Self-discipline, I won the New York Giants, and I won a wave of 10 consecutive victories. At present, the record is 10 wins and 1 loss. Among them, 5 battles are winning, and they will occupy the Legou. Confused Viking team, after losing the Detroit Lion Team, they urgently need a victory, so they got a place in the season’s seat. This game, Viking Mike Mike Qi Zimmer will be absent due to the absence of eye surgery, the special team coordinator Mike Preve will serve as a temporary head coach. Now they will be 6 wins and 5 losses, including 4 wins at the home.

Jerry Jones said that McCadon and Randell will be the core of the team’s ground attack. Compared with McFadden, McCadon may be more talented, but his age and injuries will become the resistance of his advancement.

Viking is urgently needed to reach. The last 2 minutes and 9 seconds of the game, Sam Bradford rushed out of the pocket, and the Passing of Adam Tirlen, Tirlen, pushed 18 yards. Sam Bradford is passed to Stefon Diggs, advances 15 yards. They moved into the red area all the way, running, Jerick McKinnon, 3 yards score, Viking 15:17 Cowboy. The Viking team must try two points to transform, their right cut off is made by False START, and 5 yards after retreating. The two-point conversion attempt on the 7-yard line, Sam Bradford was hit, only throwing the ball, the referee did not blow any foul, and the Viking people conversion two points failed. In the end, the denim passenger is 17:15, the victory is victorious, and the thrilling will be 11 consecutive victories.

According to reports, the player’s health will have a large extent to which they can send it first in the first week. At present, McCadon accounts for a favorable position, he has been activated by the team, and it is expected to appear next week. This is also the first training program for the first time after the Mac method is started from the training camp. Talking about the new season, McCfden performance is very cautious: «Absent training is a very difficult thing, I hope that the teammates are together, look at the changes and growth. I am very happy to go back to the field, now I need to do it. It’s better to do better than yesterday. «

Black Panther Shuai Mart-Luo does not want to talk about the team’s four-defense position

The new coach Matt Rhule from Beller University is considered to be a person who is good at building a team, motivating the team and innovative consciousness.

«I may not have the opportunity to talk to Mr. Tami (- Herni) talked about any player’s long-term plan, so I never want to make an answer,» Lu Zeng said. «I will make an answer: I have the opportunity to talk to Camm yesterday, I am very respectful to him and his achievements, honestly say that I love him to talk to me. He didn’t want to talk about the past. He wanted to talk about the future. But in addition to this, I want to talk to other players. I have a good process for other players in the Newton and other players in the future, there is a very good process for the entire lineup. «

The drums of the drums first attacked, although the Ezekiel Elliott rushed to 12 yards, they were still playing in this half. Viking four points Samm — Bradford (SAM Bradford) facing the three-speed 16 yards, quickly shot at Adam Thielen under the punch pressure, then have to be in this Folde. Cowboy again offensive, Elliott slammed the ball, and pick up the ball, then the cowboy three gear. Sam — Bradford continuous connection Adam Torren and the close-end Fengkier Rudolf (Kyle Rudolph), pushed 17 and 16 yards respectively. In the end, replacing the 48 yards of Blair Walsh, Kai Forbath, and Viking 3: 0 Cowboy.

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