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Erfurt sub-let a headache than his minor security guard who relies on his own body, catching range and leaping ability to jump high to the two sides are likely to grab the ball. By mid-season break he had been gathering dust for 46 years Bengals tight end touchdowns history records.

After 2 months, I still seem to go to the game before 2015. Although StriTe’s feet feel good after returning to training last week, he this week is dealing with the acid pain brought by the recurrence. When the raid is approaching the 21 days of the 21 days of this short-term injury reserve list, Sutrite will not be in the last three games.

Tigers implementation of five-year contract option Everett ErfurtIn the 2014 season, Suggested Internet site played only one game on the reimbursement of the season, tight end Tyler — Erfurt (Tyler Eifert) rebound performance last season, was selected to the Pro Bowl for the first time.

After the 888 yards of the 888 yards were obtained 60 times in the last season, Sutrite started the head of the team at the beginning of this year’s training camp. He will only get the third season of the 34 yards of the above three games. Look at how the team’s team will change will change. This location also has James Jones, Andre Holmes, Kenbrell Thompkins and Vincent Brown, they Has a group of lack of large-size offensive capabilities, more suitable for external connections for role players.

Beckham career has been selected for professional bowls in the first three seasons. The contract of the last year of the new show will be 1.8 million US dollars. When the New York Giants chose to implement his fifth year, that is, he Will get $ 8.5 million.

«In our time we picked him for Erfurt have high expectations, and he reached all expectations,» coach Marvin — Lewis (Marvin Lewis) representation. «In our next he is a very important part of our team.»

Daniel Jones will return to the giant firstUS time Friday, the Juren coach Pat-Shu (Pat Shurmur) announced that the rookie four points saten Daniel Jones will return to the first, which means Eli Manning short-lived. «Say farewell» draws the end of the number.

In addition to considering the first round of the first round, 49 people in San Francisco are still actively negotiating transactions, and MARQUISE GOODWIN. General Manager John Lynch revealed that the team had completed the transaction twice.

Last summer’s training camp will be difficult for the Tigers defensive Erfurt growth unexpectedly potent passing attack in a good partner number one wide receiver A.J. Green (A.J. Green) during the season.

The Jacksonville American Tiger released the general manager Dave-Cardville in the Twitter account for the arrangement of the draft. Kadville transformed the personal theater in the home into a draft command room.

Cincinnati Bengals Erfurt recognized value as one of the most effective weapons of the league’s growing red zone, choose to perform the fifth year of his rookie contract options. Erfurt is now the Tigers will be the effectiveness of the 2017 season.

Beckham has previously ended with NIKE on May 1, so Beckham is free in signing the contract. It is reported that the contract contains incentive mechanism. If Beckham has completed the contract will be $ 88 million in the contract.

One day ago, the NFL TV network reported that the New York giant of the 4th shot of the selection right is willing to trade down, but earlier, the Detroit Lion, who holds the exploration, is also negotiating downwards. It seems that Hongki has also joined the ranks of the two teams. Although the red skin does not seem to actively consider the transaction quote, they are willing to listen to the uncertainty of the first round of the draft.

In the case of Derek Carr, in the recent simulation draft, the raids have taken over Amari Cooper than the University of Alabama, Not Oregon University. The four-dimensional Marcus Marcus Mariota is associated.

The raids take over the Succite ​​season reimbursementWhen Rod Streater, Rod Streater was placed in the injury reserves in early October — when the list of returns, the Auckland raid hoped that he can recover from the foot injury only 4 to 5 weeks.

Although Tennesi Toyan still did not rule out the possibility of Jade, Jade Clowney, according to Jon Robinson, the team did not make any progress in negotiations. Robinson also said that the choice in the draft may affect whether they have signed Crawni’s decisions. In short, Titan will wait until the end of the election, and then reconsider the signing of Crawni.

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the team has begun to contact Washington red skin, discuss the trading list. The red skin is not intended to send the list of eyes, but they are listening to the quotation.

The Louisiana State University quartz, Joe Burrow, almost certainly will become a draft, and most people think that Ohio State University defensive end Edge Ascente Young will become a list. This seems to be no doubt about Cincinnati Tiger and Red Leather. Tiger needs to be a four-point guard, and Yang is the best player at this year.

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