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At 1:30 in the morning of November 23, Detroit Lion will meet the Challenge of Chicago in the home court. The Xiong Lion War is on the hometown, «Everyday NFL» will open the room at the same time, will open the room to send a rumored T-shirt, don’t forget to participate ~

In the first half, Herbert seems unlike a rookie player. He led team to complete 3 times, let the lightning have 20-3 lead. However, he has indeed made some novice mistakes, and when I kick it, I lost the ball. Like the lightning team, he fell in the second end of the end and the third quarter. However, after the Saints jointly chased the score, Herbert completed a 64-yard pass to reach the ball, so that the lightning leads again in 27-20.

It is worth mentioning that today’s two first round show is a memorable day, replacing the Jackson 5 pass 4, get 46 yards and careers, the first pass, and the new Xiu near Hayden Hurst received his own career in his career in his own career in Hayden Hurst.

Dru-Bris: New Show 4 points Guiansin — Herbert has a bright futureThe 41-year-old Drew Britness once was considered a future hope by San Diego lightning, but he is now famous in the Saints of New Orleans.

Herbert did play a bright eye in this game. He showed his arm strength, running the ball capacity and calm psychology. Herbert’s 34 times successfully passed a success, acquisted 264 yards 4 times, and the quarterfielding reached 122.7. This is the first time, there is a rookie player to get 4 times at night.

The veteran is late, and after the 2019 season is not good, Venatiyer has not played last season. But this also has reason: Venatiyerri is injured during the training camp and has been affected. Vanatiyeri has played a total of 14 players in the 2019 season, of which 8 arbitrarily shot, 6 additional shot.

After the black panther reversed the eagle last week, the crow was taken this week, and the record came to 5 wins and 2 losses. He became more brave; the crow losed, the record also dropped to 4 wins and 4 losses.

Herbert’s performance is enough to make him applause and make people feel optimistic about the next season. But he still needs to lead the current 1 win and 4 losses and strive to seek your first victory.

Lightning Back to Los Angeles first call fareThe Los Angeles Flash Brigade has recently raised the team’s season package price. The price is currently higher than the price of the team last season in San Diego.

«He is an excellent young player,» Saint Parston Pyton said. «You didn’t think that he faced a young player. He is a player who can complete the pass. I think his future potential is good, seeing him to give me a deep impression.»

The black panther has been in the absence of a disease, and there is also the best to play today. I haven’t participated in the main four-point guards of the team training in the team in the team on Wednesday and Thursday training because of the shoulder injury. Cam Newton (Cam Newton) ), Still starting from 29 pass in 21, passing 219 yards, twice passing to reaches the array, the ball is 52 yards, and harvested a mushroom. In the face of the crow defense group that proposes the number of the other fields at 280.6 yards, the Black Panther has advanced 386 yards, defeating the crow to defense.

AGSpanos, business executive chairman of the flash, said: «Every seat of the Stubhub Stadium can give fans more close viewing feelings, this is not the feeling of other venues, we expect Our quarterly ticket will be sold out. And our experience is very good, we have the most exciting attack groups, and the newly joined head coach, he will inject new energy into the team. «

At present, the lightning home can accommodate 30,000 fans, but the best position needs to pay 375 dollars a season of each game. The position behind this location is 325 dollars, the cheapest fare is $ 70, but it is still $ 25 more than Sheng Diego’s fare.

5, 4 files 1 yard, the steel man came to the other side of the 36 yards, and the last 1st minute left at this time, the steel man is 7 points, the opponent is not suspended, which is the best steel person is the best choose?

[Event Review] The two ends of the black panther attack and defense have successfully restricted the crow, and 36-21 take away the victory.Before the start of Beijing October 29, the crow was optimistic by the foreigners in the foreigners, but the balance of victory was unwarantar. The Black Panther’s performance is superior to the crow, and the 36-21 soldiers will take the crow.

It is reported that this fare is high than the fare of the Los Angeles ram fare in the same city. The most expensive position of the last season is 225 US dollars per game, and the cheapest position is $ 40, and the home of the ram can accommodate more fans than the main scene of Lightning.

[Everyday NFL] Thanksgiving Delp Room, genuine ball clothes are not stopped!

Thanksgiving Hao Li second bomb

In the first wave of Thanksgiving, all new ball caps on the mall have been smashed by everyone. Now «Everyday NFL» mall still has only a few Cheap Nfl Jerseys authentic jerseys, I want to start the small parties. missed! Now, «Everyday NFL» launched the second bomb of Thanksgiving Hao Li! Let’s take a look at what this wave is ~

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