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The 26-year-old Vetrell career is not smooth. He was selected in Tampawan piracy in 2016. He was first cut by pirates and then was cut off after joining Buffalo. He obtained the play time until he was added to Cleveland Brown. After 2 years of importance for Brown, he joined the Green Bay packaging work last year.

According to the report of NFL official website, the lightning hopes can be long-term, and the team is too long. Relevant persons also said that Rivos can retire with lightning players. Although Rivos is not eager to complete the renewal, he has repeatedly expressed his love for lightning and is willing to retreat in lightning.

But when I met the NBA lunar season, the NFL player did not seem to be calm. In the contract relative to NFL, the NBA contract was simply unable to look straight. Recently, Evan Founrnier completed a big contract, but His contract amount is only $ 2 million in Birak’s guarantee, which makes a lot of NFL players crazy.

«Because people don’t understand, they have begun to question things you do, this is very uncomfortable to players.» Rose said, «I don’t understand why they want this, they don’t understand what I have experienced. Information difference is the problem of problem, they don’t know if I am experiencing difficult moment, I don’t know the pain I’ve been affected. They don’t know. «

«The role he played is certainly difficult to surpass,» Victor said in an interview. «James is a very good player, I like to watch him, since I joined the Alliance, it is true, he is really an example of this location. Many people usually not notice that there is more important, I think I think It is clear that James is really important in the past few years. Of course, I need to surpass his performance, but I really look forward to this opportunity, and cooperate with many other teammates. «

Crawni is still not signed with any team in some of the fact that he has accepted core muscle surgery during the offset period, while the epidemic has led to difficulties to check him. At the same time, the status is also indicated that the value of Crawni is still higher than the view of any team.

In today’s NFL, it is not easy to make a full-time in lineup. But Vettel took 15 games for packaging workers last season. However, he is not certain in the Davelin at the patriot. He also faces the competition of Jakob Johnson in the team, and the team may also use the close-end temper to replace the whole government.

But the latest report refuted the previous rumors. According to ESPN, the bear and Jeffrey are still negotiating for a long time, and both sides may be able to complete the renewal before the deadline on July 15.

Lightning still hopes to complete the renewal with RiversSan Diego Lightning Star Quadruples, the contract problem of Philip Rivers is the focus of the team’s remark period this year. In Japan, Rivers said that he was not eager to complete the contract with the team. Lightning, compared with the previous fuzzy attitude, the team also showed a clearer attitude in these days.

The bear team looks for a reason for renewing hesitation lies in Jeffrey last year’s injury. However, Although Jeffrey is absenting the team training, his physical condition is in good condition when you participate in the mini training camp. And he was full of full-duty in 2013 and 2014, which made his injuries is more like a phenomenon. When he played, Jeffrene looked like an external connector of the top five levels of the league.

Such development can make people understand. These negotiations may only be remote contact when the team and privileged label players negotiate. A year ago, DEZ BRYANT and Wholesale Jerseys Demarry Tomas were completed on the day of the deadline.

Why do you cause this? The NBA 2015 salary hats is 70 million US dollars, and next season is $ 94 million, which means that there are many money in this summer. We can only say that you can play with NFL players.

NFL official website reporters report that lightning or will have actions before the training camp, providing a long to Rivers to lock this core quarter-saving. On the other hand, if the Rivers and the team does not agree, the team can still choose to use the privilege label after the end of the season.

After the absence of voluntary training, Jeffrey eventually participated in the team’s mandatory mini training camp last week. During his absence, this plug-in slabbed is silent, but becomes a headline task reported by the media. When we care about his news, the possibility of a long-term renewal contract with the bear team did not expect. It seems that Jeffrey will be a privacy label contract to finish the next season.

Last season Jeffrey lacks 7 games, when the bear offensive group lacked a reliable offense. According to the calculation, when Jeffrey is present, the number of palls of the bear team will be less than he is absent.

Patriot new aid Want Vietier: James Davelin’s role is difficult to surpassThe new England patriots lost a lot of players during this year. In addition to the free players who have expired multiple contracts to join other teams, James Develin is retired.

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