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The growth of Lanins’ returning and corner Delvin Breaux should help the saints bad defense. In the case of four-point Delu Bris (Drew Brees), the defensive group that achieved progress may be able to let the Saints reverberate.

Winston was on the game against the New Orleans saints due to the shoulder injury in advance, and the injuries that were originally encountered before a month ago. Old will be out of Ryan Fitzpatrick, 15 passed 8 times successfully achieved 68 yards 1 time. The pirates finally 10-30 loses it.

Fitz Patrick will first lead the pirate to the old New York jet, and then facing Miami dolphins. If Winston also needs to be absent, Fitz Patrick also needs to lead pirates to Atlantan Falcon, Green Bay Package and Detroit Lion.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Ryan believes that they are a security guard. In order to emphasize this, Ryan’s broker also sent a series of data to the general manager of the 32 家 乐, used to compare Lane with other players.

Winston’s right shoulder lock joint twisted in the sixth week of the Rats of Arizona. The 30th pass of the Subpatrix of the substitute before the 32 times successfully achieved 290 yards 3 times, but it was still unable to lead the piracy.

Since the income of the Alliance since 2015, Eros has achieved 12.5 kills, 53 hugs and 12 times. Different from the Zangyi Gregory, which was also banned by the ban, the front team of denim supported, Er, did not stay in cowboy. We will wait and see if there is a team to intend to him.

Patriots had high hopes for Sanou, they paid the price for a second-round pick of the Atlanta Falcons before they get from him. Thanou complete 10 catches in early November loss to the Baltimore Ravens game get 81 yards 1 touchdown, the Patriots saw the return.

Safety 卫 厄尔 — Thomas will sign a contract with a crowAccording to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, the original Haiying safety Wei Her Thomas will sign a 4-year $ 55 million contract with the crow, including $ 32 million. US $ 22 million will pay before the contract is contract.

Thanou missed the next game against the Dallas Cowboys. But in the back on the court, his state of decline, in effect for the Patriots eight regular-season games, he completed 26 catches for 207 yards made 1 touchdown.

Eros is in a row of associations in the March 2019 due to violation of the affiliate drug abuse. One week later, he announced that he would not participate in the Wholesale Nfl Jerseys competition in social media. Combined with his statement, the alliance has resumed his appeal, because it is obvious that only the huge efforts have proven to the league to return to the game, it may be resumed by it.

When Winston faces absence competition, the pirates have suffered from 4-game losing, they have become a team that only has a hosted team from the playoffs competitors. Pirates are disappointing in all aspects. It was originally considered to be powerful offensive group. At present, only one outer junction is more than 500 yards.

Oxy is playing in the 2018 season, and he has entered the last year with the denim contract. He was banned from four games in the season in the season due to violation of drug abuse, eventually played 2 games. And in the 2017 season, he was also banned due to the same reason. In addition to the cause of ankle injury, in these two seasons, Eros played a total of 10 games.

Mohammed took over the Patriots outside — Sanou will undergo ankle surgeryAccording to informed sources to ESPN reporter Adam — revealed Xie Fute (Adam Schefter), can not be cured in the offseason after a high ankle sprain, the New England Patriots to take over the outside Mohammed — Sanou (Mohamed Sanu) required surgery.

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