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Matthew expects to face this quarter, he said: «It will be very interesting. Braddy is very special, he is a unique player, many aspects make me admire. He is the ultimate competitor. I will try to kill. To see him, look at his energy. «

Lat Portot recently reported that Peterson wants to end this stalemate before this year. If the Peterson camp is unable to success with the team like Arizona, Dallas Cowbi reached a transaction before the end of the draft, he has no choice, only obey the team, re-joining Viking.

This is a big player of the third DTZ in Texas. In the last month, the JJ Watt (JJ Watt) tibial platform fracture was obtained from the JJ Watt tibial platform fracture of the Year Best Defensive Player Award, WHITNEY MERCILUS Bone muscles .

The lion hopes to get the final decision of Johnson within 24 hours.

The first step in the Detroit Lion Say season is to determine the future celebrity player, and do the outer handle Calvin Johnson eventually will eventually retire.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Peterson will not face further bidding after recovery of the prequel. The regional judge will decide on October to lose how many salary of how many games will lose. According to Latport, this may be more than 3 games or 1 game is not penalized.

The Hawie is a fine because of the celebration of the celebration.

Seattle Hawie Exterior Trip-Baldwin completed an up to the super bowl, and the celebrations after Deta have trouble. According to Fox Sports Report, Baldwin will be punished by a fine of $ 11,025, which is also the smallest amount in this type of fine.

However, after the array, Baldwin lost the ball and made a madness of the excretion. In the competition, the referee was clear, and he violated the sport moral foul. The Hawks are also fined 15 yards after the next kick. After Bald Tempell, I was indifferent to myself, and he decided to reveal the meaning of this action and targeted object. Bao De Tong said: «This is something I and someone.»

Houston is still excellent in Houston after watt and Mossus, ensuring that it is still competitive to the Melanan District champion. It is worth paying attention to Watson’s injury, will bring much blow to their playoffs.

This year, Johnson is 30 years old. If he confirmed that the team will have a salary space of 34 million US dollars in the list of the team, if he no longer lists, then the lion will be the top five salary spaces.

However, the opponents they unveiled are not good to deal with, and the new England Cheap jerseys from China patriots led by Tom Brady rarely make the opponent. In the five seasons of Arizona, Matthew never got a chance to debut.

After reimbursing in Watson Range, Tom Savage will become the first, Texas people will face Indianapolis horses in the next game. In addition, Texas is also preparing to sign the front of the Auckland raid quarter to Matt McGloin as a substitute.

Since Portson is already able to return to the stadium, the next step is to find the winner in his dispute that is still in progress with Viking. After the unhappiness last year, Pitters, who felt «uncomfortable» in the return of Viking clearly expressed his new journey to a new team in 2015. Viking General Manager Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer have constantly expressed their willingness to stay in the team.

The first 49 people coach reveals why no choice of Rogers

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarters that appeared in the edition of NFL in the past 11 years, not in the first batch of selection, when the green bay packaging is selected in the 24th, not by San Francisco 49 people selected in the first place.

The first 49th coach Mike Nolan told reporters: «For our impression of Smith is a good child, very good person, a safe selection, and Rogers are more proud, very confident, you will ask why why Don’t choose him, because the best quartz is always like this, and we don’t want to take risks. «

Watson passed the 1699 yards in 6 games and the first 19th time of the first party. He is NFL to get the most players in the top 7 games before 1970. In the past four games, the Texas in each game has exceeded 33 points.

In the current situation, the lion is very hoping to win Johnson’s decision in the next 24 hours, the team spokesperson said: «We respect each player’s rights, so we hope to know Johnson as soon as possible within the next 24 hours. The intention of the year. «

Texas people safety Wei Tilaila — Matthew look forward to Brady

Beijing September 5th, the performance of Texas’ s defensive group has always been the focus of fans, and the 2018 season is no exception.

Nalan also said that 49 people didn’t like Rogers’s pass. He said: «We have done a lot of investigations for his passive posture. Smith’s pass also analyzed. We think that Smith will be the long time. People who survive, it seems that we are wrong now. «

Mainxed Julian — Julian EDELMAN was banned to a certain extent of the power of the patriot offensive group. The top three of their depth lineup is now Chris Hogan, Philip Dorsett and Cordarrel Patterson, Cordarrel Patterson. James White and Rex Burkhead should get more work, and the killing of Rob Gronkowski is not small.

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